lørdag 12. januar 2008

My first Christmas far far away from home.
It wasn’t all what I had expected, but it wasn’t all bad either. It felt good to bee here with the kids and if I didn’t have my Christmas spirit for most of December I certainly had it Saturday before Christmas Eve. I and Hermana Juana took our 6 boys to visit “Papa Noel” or Santa Claus. He lived in a Coca Cola house and drank Coca Cola all day long, but the kids didn’t get that information. They only saw the Santa and they still can’t stop talking about him and now it’s the January. We saw all the lights in the city, it was beautiful! We didn’t return home to the Aldea before 12pm.
The next day the 23.the whole Aldea went to a Christmas event for many of the organizations that works with children in Santa Cruz. The Mayor graced us with his present and it was a big media fuss. We got a lot of food there but the program was somewhat stretched out for many many MANY hours! When they finally started to give out the present we were all tired and just wanted to go home. In the bus home it would be an understatement to say that we had room for everybody, but somehow we managed to put everybody in and shut the doors. With present, food, sewing machines and the whole of the Aldea!!!
Christmas Eve contained of waiting, waiting and more waiting. We didn’t eat until 11pm and then of course my kids were so tiered that they just wanted to sleep, I had to walk around with them so they wouldn’t fall a sleep in the food on the table… hehe
The next day I found my self with the head in the toilet the whole day, I couldn’t hold anything in stomach. I was sick the next 3days, what a way to celebrate Christmas!

New Years Eve was celebrated in the house with pizza and salad. It was so nice 5 girls and one boy, at 11pm we went to the plaza Central to watch the fireworks it was so beautiful and a perfect ending to 2007.
Happy New Year!!!!

And then it started raining, so me and the kids took a swim in our new pool...Hehe

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