søndag 4. november 2007

Chapter 3 Bolivia

Chapter 3 is now ready to begin.The part of this journey that I have been waiting for since spring time. I had a great time at Hald and here in Lima too, but finally am I were I want to be. In Bolivia, living in Santa Cruz, working in Alalay. Lima has given me a little heads up for what I can come to meet in Santa Cruz. Poverty is something that I never ever will get use to see. I hate it, to see what it dose to people. The humiliation and the struggle that they have to face every single day, and the worst part is that it’s no one who feels responsible for the way the world has become. Lima has so many worlds just in one city. I met people that never traveled to the poor areas and didn’t even know how to get to there. But in a way living in Norway is no different from living in the rich part of Lima, we just don’t travel to poor countries and we are so possessive over “our” oil money. I love living in Norway and I love the opportunities that I have. Life is pretty much great; I just wish that my world could be everybody’s world.
So as I’m sitting here in my bed in the apartment that I and Lena are sharing with other voluntaries from Alalay, listening to really bad regatong music that have been playing since 6am, I just really wants to get started.
We came here to Santa Cruz yesterday, and it was sooooo hot!!!!
Before that we spent 4 days in La Paz, and we got a chance to get to know the Alalay project. I, Lena, Johannes/Juan (El padrino) and Thor Haakon/Tor (El Torro) stayed in the Alalay village Aldea. We met Claudia the fonder of Alalay and we got to know the children there. El padrino/Juan is going to be a volunteer for the boys from 3-8, and El Torro the same for the youngest girls. Lena and I fell in love with theme all; I can only imagine how we will feel for the children here where we are gone stay for the next 6 months.

I am feeling poetic today..hehe
The weather here is surprisingly wet and we haven’t seen the sun yet!
We wake up to music every day and a dog that barks till we nearly go insane!
But we are happy to be here and our spirit is high
Just wish the dog would let us slip for one whole night!

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