fredag 19. oktober 2007

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The first week in Lima demands an evaluation, what have i noticed so far. Well the transportation isn’t exactly the same as in Norway, I don’t think the buses here would pass the EU control; one of them did loose a door. You can’t drink water from the sink, sadly but true. And the masculine sex have no respect for women.
Finally I and Helene managed to take the bus/combio all by ourselves, and later we even took a cab, I’m so proud of us. The family we live in is fantastic they have opened their home for us in a way that we never can repay. Claudia the daughter in the family is 20 and she has really used a lot of her time to take me and Helene around in this grand city. We have seen all the important places such as the President Palace and Centro de Lima to all the big shopping centers, and of course Mercado Indio. We have tasted all from the local beer to piscosouer and we had a great time discovering the Peruvian culture!!!
Last Wednesday we all visited the project CEDETEP, it is such a great project that gives teenage mothers a home and a new chance to a better life.
This weekend we all went to a beach house south of Lima it was so nice, just what we needed. We actually got sunburned we are so red now, look like tourists. Today I and Helene couldn’t get to Euro idioma because there were no combios or buses for us to take. All of them were protesting it’s all over the news, people not coming to work because the are too few buses driving today and tomorrow. It’s especially problematic here in Villa Maria. Don’t now if we will get to language class tomorrow, tomorrow only know. So this day we are just watching movies, with spanish language of course..hehe.. We love it. Friends are our new best friend

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Joseph Opanda Namutala sa...

hei Aggy. good to se that you are having fun. all the best.