fredag 5. oktober 2007

So I have now survived my first 24 hours in Lima, but it has not been easy.
We had all been awake since 4 am and after a long time up in the air I was expecting a quick escape to a warm bed. But as I realized that Lima is a very big city I also realized that to drive all over town delivering people in different host families takes hours. And of course I and Helene was the last two to be delivered to our host family, fare fare away on the other side of town. But it was worth waiting for. The family is great. This morning we had to take something called a “cambio”, minibus, that takes a surprisingly high number of people. When you need to get out you just have to shout “baja” and try to get to the door. The really funny thing is that me and Helene have to do it alone, how will we ever get of the bus???? Today we spent the whole day at strømme foundation and we learned a lot about the Peruvian society, it was really interesting. In the lunch break we all went to a chineas restaurant, it was so nice and the food was so good, “muy rico”. We were finished at 5a’clock, but since it is not “Norwegian time” but “African time” whoops I mean “Latino time” we had to wait some time for our new family members to pick us up. And because we had nothing better to do we started to play Norwegian games, I don’t know what the people at strømme thinks of us now, but for us it was just what we needed after a long day. When we finally left the office Helene and I went shopping with our host mum and we traveled all over town, hmm sounds familiar. On the last bus home the door fell of the cambio, yes you read correctly the door fell of and they used some time putting it on again.
My first day in Peru was so different from what I had expected although I shouldn’t have expected anything less than what I have seen and done today. Lima es un poco loco ciudad. Hasta la vista baby

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